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I sincerely regret my inability to apologize to my dad just as I rue my lack of opportunity to seek his forgiveness for hating him so much before he died. &nbs

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Posted On: 11 Aug 2019


Once upon a time, in the animal kingdom, there was hunger in the land. The Lion was killing other animals for food, making the other animals unhappy with the Li

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Posted On: 02 Aug 2019

'Resurrection' pastor sparks s

A pastor in South Africa who claimed to have performed a resurrection has sparked a social media craze as users took to the web mockingly mimicking his miraculo

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Posted On: 27 Feb 2019

Pet Crocodile Eats Beloved Dog

An Australian man’s pet crocodile in the Northern Territory ate his beloved dog after she spent a decade tormenting it, and onlookers watched in horr

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Posted On: 07 Jun 2018

Woman expresses shock as inlaw

A woman was sent a £156 bill by her in-laws after she accidentally broke a wine glass at their home.   The mum-to-be, who is currently five months

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Posted On: 06 May 2018

Christmas Day History 2017: He

  Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ who is considered the son of God by Christians. The word Christmas comes from 'Mass of Christ'.

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Posted On: 23 Dec 2017

Father Christmas dies during s

  A man dressed in a Father Christmas costume collapsed and died on Friday while handing out presents at a Christmas school party in Southern Italy for

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Posted On: 23 Dec 2017

No, having an Asian woman in t

  The inclusion of an Asian woman does not erase centuries of white supremacy.   Context is important, and it is something that has been a little m

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Posted On: 10 Oct 2017

Donald Trump Asks for $7.9 Bil

  President Donald Trump has sent lawmakers an initial request for a $7.9 billion down payment toward Harvey relief and recovery efforts.   The req

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Posted On: 02 Sep 2017

Fisherman Killed By Whale Mome

  A Canadian lobster fisherman who spent more than a decade rescuing whales from nets was tragically killed just moments after disentangling one, his coll

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Posted On: 12 Jul 2017

Fulfil your marital responsibi

  Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has urged husbands not to abandon their marital responsibilities to their wives.   The Acting President said thi

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Posted On: 11 Jun 2017

Family Visiting 6 Month Old's

  A Tennessee family mourning the tragic loss of a 6-month-old baby was left reeling when they discovered his casket out of the ground and floating in wat

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Posted On: 31 May 2017

Relief as Obasanjo’s so

  Olujonwo, son of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo from his estranged wife, Taiwo Martins and Temitope, daughter of pool magnate, Chief Kessington  Ad

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Posted On: 14 May 2017

Jonathan Leads PDP Big Wigs To

  Former President  Goodluck Jonathan, including his wife, Patience on Friday led a  large delegation of former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) l

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Posted On: 12 May 2017

Oldest land based fossils ever

  'The discovery of potential biological signatures in these ancient hot springs in Western Australia ... may lend weight to a land-based origin of life'.

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Posted On: 10 May 2017

Father of 3 girls killed in 20

  The 51-year-old father of three girls who perished in a 2011 Christmas Day house fire in Connecticut has died, according to the foundation he started in

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Posted On: 10 Feb 2017

Lunar New Year sets off world'

  Saturday is Lunar New Year, and the world’s largest human migration is already underway.    Lunar New Year, often referred to as Chine

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Posted On: 27 Jan 2017

Love, sex and death

  ... What my fiancé’s death taught me about the afterlife.   "He isn't dead, he's right beside me" doesn't go over well, but this isn

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Posted On: 16 Jan 2017

Obiano Switches On 6.7km Stree

Obiano Switches On 6.7km Streetlight Project In Anambra (VIDEO) Night drive in Anambra state just got safer as the State Governor, Willie Obiano, has switc

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Posted On: 21 Nov 2016

The 13 Illuminati Families Tha

The 13 Illuminati Families That Run The World Today As the powerful elite continue their plan for total control over humanity and the planet’s l

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Posted On: 22 Oct 2016

Young girl makes tearful plea

Young girl makes tearful plea after Charlotte shooting (VIDEO) 'Our parents are killed and we can't even see them any more' Following the death of Keith S

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Posted On: 28 Sep 2016

Economic Downturn Forces Low-k

Economic Downturn Forces Low-key Celebration The downturn in the country’s economy has compelled Nigerians to resort to a low-key celebration for thi

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Posted On: 10 Sep 2016

In Kolkata, songs, celebration

In Kolkata, songs, celebrations for Mother Teresa's sainthood Singing nuns and followers clutching flowers flocked to Mother Teresa's tomb in the Indian ci

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Posted On: 04 Sep 2016

Dead bride will be buried in h

Dead bride will be buried in her wedding dress A South Carolina woman will be wearing the wedding dress she planned to get married in this weekend at her f

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Posted On: 20 Aug 2016

The people of Edo state are su

The people of Edo state are suffering Adams Oshiomole borrowed millions of Dollars and allegedly spent them on a Benin storm water project but a few Hours

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Posted On: 22 Jun 2016


STILL ON THE SACK OF OVER 200 ALLEGED PRO-JONATHAN MILITARY TOP BRASS: FACTS WE MUST KNOW There are people here who have made it a duty to defend the Buhar

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Posted On: 14 Jun 2016

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