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James Nwafor: Human Abattoir At Awkuzu SARS

Posted On: Fri 16 Oct 2020 By Kween Iloanya | OPINION

Below  is one of the stories of how a Beast James Nwafor the Retired SARS Killer of Awkuzu SARS in Anambra State and current SSA to Gov Obiano used to kill Anambra youths as written by Miss Kween Iloanya on July 9th, 2020:


The man you see on this post is a bloodthirsty murderer. But before I explain further some introduction.


His name is James Nwafor, he was a police officer. His highest rank before retirement was ASP. Currently, he’s SSA to the Anambra State government on Security, he’s from Ebonyi State, a father, grandfather, uncle, brother.




My family’s path collided with him in November 2012, when my brother was arrested at Ajali, my family went to the police station at Ajali and they said SARS Awkuzu had taken the arrested boys. So my parents went to SARS Awkuzu, this man blatantly denied ever making any arrest or transfers and assured my dad that the boy wasn’t in their custody but as fate may have it, as my parents were leaving the station, they saw my brother and other boys handcuffed together and being led in. My mum screamed and pointed at him, telling this man that that was her son. He ordered that my parents be pushed out that day. The next day, my parents went back and this man told them point-blank that he had killed my brother and that there’s nothing that can be done about it. My mum collapsed immediately and had to be taken to the hospital.


However, lots of people including some SARS officers said that he was bluffing and wanted us to bring money. So we brought money, yet he refused to budge, we sold lands and took money in bags yet he didn’t budge. We then went to the commissioner of police Anambra state as at then, Mr Bala Nasarawa, he called Mr James and he claimed they had a shootout with armed robbers and probably my brother was one of them, my parents told him they saw the boy at the station and then James, again, denied ever arresting the boy. Then, Mr Bala, Nasarawa looked my parents in the eye and told them that there’s nothing further he could do since Mr James had denied ever arresting or detaining the boy (apparently my parents can’t identify their son or they are blind) and that his (Bala Nasarawa) hands were tied.


Immediate Prosecution of CPS James Nwafor for attrocities committed when OC  of SARS Awkusu


So we went to human rights, of course, they took the money and promised heaven and earth and yet, nothing happened, we didn’t get my brother. See eh, the challenge, however, is that people who made it out of the station as at early 2013 said my brother was still there. They came to my father and told him to make more offers and he did but still no show.


However, I’m calling on everyone to ask James Nwafor to kindly explain what happened to my brother, where is he? For those who would ask why are you speaking now, mind you that I have been asking this same question on twitter, where I could tag Police handles. This man is a known murderer and he doesn’t hide it, many people will doubt me but please don’t take my word for it, read about him. Amnesty International has a report on him too as being a beast.


James Nwafor The Retired SARS Killer Of Awkuzu SARS in Anambra State was the OC of SARS Awkuzu during the period when over 40 dead bodies from SARS Awkuzu were thrown into the Oji river at the boundary of Enugu and Anambra State. This man’s act had my father swimming in the river to see if he can identify my brother, he didn’t find his body amongst those that were dumped there. During his time at SARS Awkuzu, the station was known as an abattoir for humans and it was well known that Human parts can be bought at any point there.


This man was denounced by many civil and human rights organizations, yet the Anambra State government under the leadership of Governor Willie Obiano made him an SSA just to shield him from persecution. Yesterday, he was called by a lawyer to ask him questions about my brother’s case and he said the lawyer should do his worst as nothing can happen to him. I’m asking simply that James Nwafor tells us what happened to my brother. If he was a criminal, isn’t it the right thing to take him to court and have him sued and sentenced? Doesn’t a family deserve to know what happened to their child? At what point is it right to kill someone who was already arrested and in custody? Is Mr. James Nwafor above the law? Please help my family find justice, we want to know if my brother is alive or dead, and if dead why?

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