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Posted On: Tue 10 Mar 2020 By Chudi Okudo | OPINION

This article has nothing to do with profiling of any set of people. So readers, disabuse your minds because I’m not coming from the angle of that musician called Warrior.


But it was Martin Luther King jnr who once said that injustice anywhere, is no justice anywhere!


Mbaise people rejected Bishop Okpaleke when he was posted by Pope Benedict to head Ahiara diocese on the premise that he is from Anambra state.


The standoff lingered for more than 5 years, they vehemently refused to shift their grounds even when another pontiff, Pope Francis acceded to the throne.


The man in the eye of the storm being a man of conscience, threw in the towel. And the happiness of Mbaise people knew no bound when he decided to let go!


They refused to allow their fellow Igboman to assume canonical duties of the Catholic diocese of Ahiara that is located in Mbaise.


Mana o buro aro e gbu dibia, ka afo ji eto! The Mbaise people dared two pontiffs and seemingly got away with it!


Now when this injustice was been meted out to the innocent Bishop, prominent men from Mbaise who suppose to know better kept mute.


Not a single of them raised his voice to condemn the misdemeanour of his people. What happened was what one can call conspiracy of silence!


Okpaleke is out and Ugoji is in and everywhere is now calm. The Anambra Bishop has been sent packing. To God be the glory, the Mbaise people will muse.


To them, this is the end of the story. But they don’t know that the mill of God grinds slowly, but it grinds exceedingly well!


However, the Law of Retributive justice has manifested in Mbaise through a different channel altogether. Their son Emeka Ihedioha won squarely the last governorship election conducted in Imo state.


But guess what? He saw the promise land but like the biblical Moses did not enter there. Or on the instant case, he entered the paradise but was not allowed to settle down.


As I write the Mbaise man, Emeka Ihedioha is now addressed as the former governor of his dear state. The gentle lad did not know what hit him.


When they were treating harshly a man who has no illwill, they were more or less enjoying the show. Meanwhile, the bread they cast into the water has now turned back poisoned!


And no less revealing is the dimension of Rev father Ejike Mbaka to the whole imbroglio. Mbaise people will now be wiser, that you can not sin against the Holy Spirit and go scot-free!


Political pundists can recollect that when this travesty of justice happened in Imo state, in our characteristic fashion, The Igbo Revolution had taken up gauntlet.


We had attacked without wasting time, both the Supreme Court justices and Reverend Mbaka. We correctly tagged the Supreme Court judgment a miscarriage of justice.


However, we were doing all these protestations with trepidation because we had followed with keen interest the happenings in Mbaise since 2012. Mbaise people be wary!


Chudi Okudo

The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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