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Sterling Bank Break Records as they partner with Uber, Taxify to Announce their New Brand Identity

Posted On: Wed 09 Jan 2019 By TECHCABAL

Since Sterling Bank Plc., Nigeria’s leading commercial bank announced a change in its brand identity to reflect the evolution of the bank from ‘shooting for the moon’ to becoming the ‘rising sun’, we have noticed that quite a number of cars have been branded with their new identity.


To support the new brand identity, they had a partnership with uber and taxify to strategically place the new logo on some of their cars. This led to conversations on social media and a lot of people thinking it was just branded official cars.


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Sterling Bank is the very first brand in Africa to have a partnership of this magnitude with the taxi service companies. The commercial bank has since fully embraced technology to deliver some of the most innovative and market-disrupting social media campaigns as we saw with the ‘rocket man, shooting for the moon’.


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There is no doubt that the new logo is simpler, more dynamic and sophisticated in look. It echoes the bank’s evolution from legacy banking into a new and agile bank delivering disruptive financial solutions.

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